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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good night Monrovia!

This is my last post from Monrovia, Liberia West Africa. I am flying out tomorrow night to head back to Phoenix. I have very mixed emotions especially after my last evening here.

First, earlier today I had a blast going out on a motor boat into Monrovia harbor grabbing some shots of the ship as we passed. It was fantastic.

As you look out into the harbor, you see ship wrecks everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Even the ones that are not sticking out of the water have red markers to show where they are located. There must be about 12 or 13 in this small harbor.

We actually took the boat out to where there are two sunken ships very close to each other. I grabbed a wonderful shot of the tops of the ships sticking out of the water with the m/v Africa Mercy in the background.

We also sailed close to a container ship that 'tipped' over when they unloaded the containers improperly. Fascinating!!!

I returned to my office and wrapped up the rest of the work I had to do, well, most of it. The communications department had planned to go out to dinner this evening, but I almost canceled because of the work I thought I still had to do. I threw caution to the wind and we headed out.

We went to sunshine beach, but by the time we arrived the sun was calling it evening. We had two tables carried down to the surf and sat talking. I was given a card with the best photo ever taken of me on the front. The photo was taken at the Hotel Ducor with about eight kids hovered around me and my camera as I showed them some photos I had taken of them. I love that photo!!

Chad, our intranet guru, was the only male and feeling a bit out of the female conversation headed down to the waters edge. I pulled out my camera and took some long exposure photos of him. He turned and walked back during one of them and with that one little action, we not only had our evening of entertainment sorted out, we also became the floor show for the rest of the people enjoying their evening on the beach.

Here is the good photo of Chad that I took.

This one photo led to photos like this:

It was quite amusing to watch us all figure out what to do and how to get the best images. I had a hoot!!! This was the best evening by far I have had here in Liberia. Good friends, good location, good food and great fun. What more could I have asked for?

Thanks for taking this journey with me. Although I have heard from a couple of people, much to my surprise, who have not been reading my blog because they wanted to wait for my return and read it all at once. They said they did not want the suspense.

Although I will not be writing any more on my adventure, at least that is my plan, I will be uploading some of the 1,000 plus stills I took here. So, don't un-check the RSS subscribe feature just yet.

Well, now you can read to your hearts content. This journey is finished, but I will pick up again the next time I step foot on this beautiful continent that has a strong hold on my heart.